Statens Museum for Kunst (National Gallery of Art, Denmark) has been a leader in the use of information technology for many years. Today, as part of its SMK Digital initiative, the Gallery is redefining what it means for a fine arts museum to be at the forefront of digital arts communication. SMK Digital is made possible through the generous support of the Nordea Foundation and has six key tenants:

• a website;

• ArtStories - a new take on art history written and developed by museum educators;

• a database called Corpus (SMK’s deployment of CollectionSpace) used to manage the collections and the information collected about them while in the care of the museum;

• a vast array of digital productions (interviews, games, documentaries, etc.) that are offered via mobile technologies, online via webTV, and/or that are used within the galleries. An example: A 'behind the scenes' look at the PRIMI project, wherein conservator Louise Cone talks about plastics and contemporary art conservation;

• collections online, a web 2.0 approach to presenting the museum and its collections online (it will include information about the works of art and a great deal of information about the people who work with the collections – conservators, curators, art handlers, registrars - to make their daily work more transparent and understood);

• and MySMK, a unifying thread that provides a variety of ways for visitors to create lasting and meaningful connections with the objects, people, and concepts that are found in all of these digital productions and projects; the first installment of MySMK will be launched in 2011 as part of ArtStories.

The Gallery’s deployment of CollectionSpace – called Corpus – plays a critical role in the SMK Digital initiative. It will serve as the foundational system for all information about the works of art in the Gallery’s collections, generated and used by museum staff; it will feed the collections online component of the website; and it will be the repository for the didactic text authored for ArtStories. Corpus will replace a system that was designed and developed by the museum over a decade ago with a web 2.0 approach to collections information management. The Gallery’s deployment team is headed by Kirsten Vittrup, with Kim Brasen, art historian and Christoper Pott, system architect.

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