We’re excited to share with you a brief recap of what’s been happening in the CollectionSpace community over the last few months.

Annual Report

Last month we were excited to release our 2021 Annual Report. You can find a digital copy of it on our website at: https://collectionspace.org/collectionspace-annual-report-fy2021/

The Annual Report serves to provide readers with an overview of the successes and achievements of CollectionSpace over the past fiscal year as well as celebrate the vibrant community we are actively focused on growing. Please take the time to read all about our exciting accomplishments.

CollectionSpace Release v7

Another win we are celebrating is the release of CSpace v7! While most of us were out enjoying all summer had to offer, the CollectionSpace team was hard at work putting the final touches on the latest and greatest version of the software.

Highlights of the release include:

  • New procedures for managing Transport and Insurance & Indemnity workflows
  • A new Public Browser feature called Stories which allows you to create online exhibitions of related works.
  • A great new CSV Import tool to help with ease of workflow of data both into and out of CollectionSpace.

You can read more about the release on our blog here: https://collectionspace.org/release-announcement-version-7-0/

CSpace v7 Open House

In conjunction with the v7 release, we also hosted an Open House to showcase and demo the new features. We invited implementers to join us for a casual webinar-style session where we had the opportunity to meet our community members and show off what we’ve been working on and what we were excited about with the new version of the software.

A recorded version of the webinar is available on our Vimeo site which you can access here: https://vimeo.com/626690538

What’s Up Next

We are working on a new extension to the Person Authority to support maker-supplied identity information (e.g. gender expression, ethnicity). If you’d like to contribute to the design and development of this extension, visit this wiki page and add your thoughts as a comment: https://collectionspace.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/COL/pages/2628681729/Person-Supplied+Identity+Information.

Get In Touch

Looking for ways to get involved in the CollectionSpace community?

Check out these helpful links to some of our resources:

Vimeo – check out our collection of videos including demos, “How To” videos, webinar recordings, feature walk-throughs etc.

Mailing Lists – join our TALK Listsev to stay in the loop on what’s happening in the community, or ask questions or connect with fellow CSpace implementers.

Blog – Find announcement news, release highlights and much more on our CollectionSpace blog.