It is officially autumn now and as we start to think about cooler temperatures, brisk mornings and pumpkins everywhere, we also want to share what we’ve been working on at CollectionSpace. We have exciting news to share and encourage you to read on for all the details on what’s been happening! 

Announcing CollectionSpace V7.1 Quality Assurance Testing!

This month we are pleased to announce that CollectionSpace V7.1 is moving to Quality Assurance (QA) testing which means the official product release isn’t far behind. But we need your help! 

QA testing is a community-driven process, and we are reaching out to you, our users, for help in completing this process. Anyone and everyone can participate in QA testing – no prior experience required. 

Access details about testing and sign-up for testing here: 7.1 Quality Assurance Sign-Up 

What’s new in V7.1 

The 7.1 release will feature a new procedure, Iteration Report. The report will be available on the Common and Fine Arts Profiles. The procedure will help track installation details for artwork and audiovisual collections and exhibitions.  

The release also features time-based media fields in the object record also in the Common and Fine Art Profiles. These fields include Technical Specification fields for Audio/Video/Still and Software/Web objects.  

Iteration Report and time-based media improvements were developed in partnership with the Museum of Moving Image and funded as part of grant projects from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and the Institute for Museum and Library Services. 

New object fields for Rights Management, and Person authority fields for Maker-Supplied Identity are also part of this release.  

Community Spotlight Webinar: CollectionSpace for Education 

In September we held a successful Community Spotlight Webinar titled: CollectionSpace for Education. We want to send out a special thanks to our implementers Dr. Paul Marty from the School of Information in the College of Communication & Information at Florida State University and Kate Collen from Johns Hopkins University for sharing their experiences using CollectionSpace in their classrooms. 

The CollectionSpace for EDU Sandbox is a great way for educators and students to get hands-on, practical and real-world experience using a CMS and because CollectionSpace is open source, there are no barriers to access. The CSpace for EDU sandbox comes fully featured, and is completely customizable, giving students the opportunity to dive in and explore all that the platform has to offer. Dr Marty and Kate Collen discussed the different approaches and methods they use for integrating the sandbox into their individual classrooms and how they are able to incorporate real-world use cases into their teaching because of CSpace. 

If you missed the webinar, please check out the recording here: 

Where to Find Us

October 25-27, 2022 – International Conference of Indigenous Archives, Libraries and Museums, Temecula, CA 

Jessi Weithman, Program Manager for CollectionSpace will be on-hand to meet new and current  implementers or answer any questions you might have about CSpace. Don’t miss your opportunity to stop in, say hi and meet Jessi. 

Learn more about what’s happening, where we’ll be, and upcoming classes on our Community Calendar. 

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