Share your collections online with the CollectionSpace Public Browser. Our free and open-source plug-in allows you to seamlessly share objects and images from your collection through your existing website / content management system.

Click here to view the online demo for the Public Browser.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I share my collections online?

To share your collections online:

  1. Update the "Publish To" field on each Object and Media Handling records you'd like to make publicly available. To use the standard CollectionSpace Public Browser, select either CollectionSpace Public Browser or All from the dropdown. Please note that the other values in the dropdown are placeholders only, we do not currently publish automatically to other platforms.
  2. Install the CollectionSpace public browser plug-in to your existing website content management system. We currently have plug-ins for WordPress, Drupal and DNN - if you're using a different CMS, please contact us to discuss developing a new plug-in to support you. Instructions for downloading, installing, and configuring each plugin are available on Github:
    1. WordPress
    2. Drupal (version 8+)
    3. DNN
How much does the Public Browser cost?

The CollectionSpace public browser is free and open source. Implementers who host with LYRASIS may add the Public Browser plug-in to their website at no additional cost.

If CollectionSpace is web-based, can the public already see my collections?

No! The staff interface of CollectionSpace with all your collections data is private to users at your organization. To provide public access to collections, you can use the CollectionSpace public browser or integrate with other discovery platforms such as Blacklight or Omeka.