Museums make creative use of technology for a variety of purposes, from tracking and managing collections to providing online exhibits, creating interactive learning experiences, and connecting collections and programs to remote scholars and students. Strengthening and expanding technology education opportunities for museum studies students is a critical strategy for improving digital literacy and technology knowledge among future museum leaders.

Most museum studies programs cannot afford to acquire or subscribe to a collections management system for classroom use, and even when one is available, students cannot engage with the developers of those systems to learn how they can be adapted to support different applications or unique needs of a museum.

LYRASIS aims to bridge that gap by providing museum studies students access to the next-generation, community-supported collections management platform CollectionSpace.

Benefits of CollectionSpace for Education:

  • Free, hosted instance of CollectionSpace, a full-featured, web-based collections management system, renewable per semester
  • Access to teaching materials and training modules, including: day to day use of collections management systems, collections management system evaluation, and open source community participation.
  • Collections management system training expertise from LYRASIS staff

To request a CollectionSpace for Education site, please fill out the contact form below and a member of the program team will be in touch.