On Thursday, August 19th, CollectionSpace had the pleasure of participating in the webinar series “Dreaming of a New Collections Management System” hosted by the Balboa Park Online Collaborative. Learn more about BPOC and their mission here.

We invite you to watch the presentation on BPOC’s YouTube channel here.

What started as a series of conversations among arts and culture professionals about whether or not the perfect collections management system actually exists, expanded to become a widely popular monthly webinar series hosted by BPOC where solution providers have the opportunity to discuss the critical issues faced by museums and other collecting institutions and how they are seeing to address them. 

During our presentation, Megan Forbes, Program Manager for CollectionSpace and Linda Colet, Senior Outreach Strategist, gave an enlightening dive in to what our software offers, and how CollectionSpace and LYRASIS are seeking to position themselves as collaborative leaders in addressing the needs of institutions handling materials subject to the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA). Megan highlighted how our work with community partners at the Hearst Museum of Anthropology, the Museum of Us and the Ohio History Connection have helped us add new functionality to support NAGPRA processes and workflows, which ultimately benefits collecting institutions across the country.

The presentation also touched on our data migration expertise and how we support the movement of data freely into and out of our system. Using the principles Elizabeth McAulay of UCLA published in the Code4Lib journal article “Always Be Migrating,” Megan outlined how CollectionSpace, as an OSS platform, is always operating with this concept in mind and what benefits that means for our users.

As an open-source software, CollectionSpace seeks to aid in the evolution of collections management practices and increase productivity and efficiency for our users, all while adhering to standards and best practices. You can check out our video library on Vimeo where you can access a complete list of “How To” video demonstrations about the software.

Get involved by joining our TALK listserv for more discussion. Bring your questions, use cases and general conversation to a diverse and knowledgeable community of users. Or simply give the software a test run by going to: https://core.collectionspace.org.

As always, you can find us at: https://collectionspace.org or send us an email at collectionspace@lyrasis.org.