We are so pleased to announce the launch of LYRASIS Collections, a new home for museum collections-holding institutions to learn and collaborate about important trends, developments, challenges and successes in the field. LYRASIS has been highly involved in the collections management field for several years now, and we are home to staff and programs that are deeply integrated into the museums ecosystem. 

Two years ago, LYRASIS took the leadership initiative to investigate the museum technology landscape around collections, and how well it supports internal operations and community engagement. Led by LYRASIS in partnership with the Balboa Park Online Collaborative (BPOC) and Ithaka S+R, the study focused on CMS selection, installation, architecture, supporting organizational structure, usage and strategic direction. We also looked at strategies and statistics around digitization and online collections. 

The study confirmed what we suspected – that the established technologies to support collections management were primarily developed prior to the interconnected, technology-savvy, always-online world we now live in, and they are now unable to keep up with demands from practitioners for more complex data structures, increased scalability, and greater flexibility to move data in and out of the managed environment in support of this connected world.

The LYRASIS Collections blog is a direct product of this study, indicating a need for strategic leadership for museum collections management, and new services that comprehensively support 21st-Century collecting institutions. This blog is in service of that goal: to create a space where collections-holding institutions can share, learn and collaborate through mission-driven activities of community networking, institutional professional development and partnership.. If you have suggestions for content or posts, would like to highlight a project or are interested in being a guest contributor, email meg.blum@lyrais.org.

To access the complete final report, data sets and presentation, click here.