We are delighted to announce the release of CollectionSpace v4.4. This release focused on integrating a number of community contributions, including four new domain profiles: Herbarium, Local History and Material Culture, Bonsai, and Design Materials. Any of these profiles may now be used as a jumping off point for a CSpace installation, lowering the configuration burden for implementers aligning with those communities. To view how these profiles differ from core CSpace, visit:


Another great piece of work designed and funded by new community members at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design and the Rhode Island School of Design is the new shared authority service. Currently in v1 and available through the Design Materials profile, this functionality allows CollectionSpace users to effectively “copy catalog” authority terms from a central CSpace repository. The flexible design allows any CSpace instance to serve as the central repository, and any CSpace instance with proper permissions to copy terms. The Design Materials community will be working with and testing this first version over the next several months, and we expect the functionality to be rolled out in full in v4.5.

Several of the wonderful webapps developed by the University of California, Berkeley have been contributed to CSpace. If you haven’t already please check out Yousuf Nejati of Granite Horizon’s excellent blog on deploying these apps:


Finally, we’ve heard the calls for more documentation around reporting and more reports! In addition to the new reporting webapp contribution, we’ve also significantly improved our user manual documentation around using Jasper Reports, and have added a number of new canned reports to the application. Even if you’re not upgrading to v4.4 yet, you can still install the new reports on your instance.

In addition to the new release, if you haven’t already heard the news about our latest Mellon grant, you can view the full release via the CSpace website: http://www.collectionspace.org/new-grant-awarded-from-the-andrew-w-mellon-foundation/

We’ve also written up a brief summary of the activities funded and completed as part of our last grant cycle, that report can be found on our new blog:

As always, none of this incredible work would be possible without the support and contributions of our wonderful members and community. Thank you all for your hard work.