We are delighted to announce the release of CollectionSpace v4.5. This release focused on updating much of the technology underlying CSpace, adding two new domain profiles for Anthropology and Botanical Gardens, and improving general error handling and documentation for CollectionSpace deployments, customization, and configuration.
Several new tools for deploying CSpace, interacting with the API, and migrating data have been developed as well, links for all tools can be found via the v4.5 release page on the program wiki.

Development work on v5.0 of the application, which will be released this fall, has occurred concurrently with work on v4.5. Many bug fixes and architecture upgrades have been completed to support the v5.0 work, the most recent version of which can be seen via: http://nightly.collectionspace.org/drydock/login.

As always, none of this incredible work would be possible without the support and contributions of our wonderful members and community. Thank you all for your hard work.