We’re delighted to announce the release of CollectionSpace v5.2!

Highlights of the release include:

  • Reporting improvements – users can now add parameters to reports and run reports from the sidebar, search results, or the new tools menu.
  • Data updates – also in the tools menu, users can run “data updates” against entire groups of records. Check out the sample updates on the demo site.
  • Anthropology profile – new fields to manage commingled groups and a new procedure for Osteology inventories.
  • Updates to the Bonsai and Local History profiles to bring them up to date with our new user interface.
  • A full list of updates, upgrades, improvements, and bug fixes can be found on the CSpace wiki.

We are also very excited for the Material Order consortium, which is gearing up to launch its pilot of the CollectionSpace Public Browser! This work was funded and led by the consortium, and provides public access to data and images managed by CSpace. We will be working on a generalized version of the browser that can be used by any CSpace implementer for Release v5.3.

Curious about what else is coming up next? Check out our roadmap.